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A Merry Christmas to you.

The famous Speyside Malt Whisky trail renowned for THE best malt whiskies known the world over is the location and spiritual heart of this Unique single cask malt produced by ourselves. Along with distilleries such as Glenfiddoch, Glenlivet, and Glen Grant the Aultmore distillery lies just a few miles north...

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Square Barrel Whisky

Square Barrel quality is unsurpassed, unchilled and coloured by nature. Each bottle is filled and labeled by hand, given a unique number and lovingly packed for your enjoyment, so apologies to the angels and enjoy.

Tasting Notes


Golden glittering sandy bottom highlights.


Warm & inviting. Soft fleshy apples and pears with hints of freshly cut flowers arouse the senses. Good clean American White oak has gently nurtured this noble spirit. A sensual harmony prevails.


Rich and intense. Tangy tones of toffee and cinnamon excite the palate before the spectrum of delight begins to reveal its other hidden attributes. Honey and chewy caramel with whispers of lemon grass and spice completes this outstanding single malt.

Sip and savour this liquid gold, you will not be disappointed...